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  • Standard 100mm Fan €120
  • Centralfugal Fan €140
  • Inline fan From €225
  • New Fan Installation From €250
  • Bathroom Heater €140 replace and install all types of bathroom fans and heaters.  Our electricians are fully trained in the installation of all bathroom fans.   The most important function of a bathroom fan is to remove warm moist air created from the use of a bathtub or shower.  Warm moist air not only encourages mould growth,  but also can cause damage to the surfaces in a bathroom.  Our fans take 80 cubic meters of air per hour.  Most apartments without a bathroom vent fan are susceptible to excessive moisture buildup, that increases the chances of damaging bathroom walls, and ceilings.  For a safe, healthy bathroom we provide ventilation to the out side, where possible.  We also install all types of bathroom blow heaters and radiators, which are common place in apartments for more information call us on 0831625009