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  • Installation only €179
  • 1 Nest and installation €425
  • 2 Nest and installation € 810
  • Nest smoke alarm €199
  • Nest 3 smoke and carbon €519

Our expert Nest Installers at will be able to install and replace your boiler time clock with the new Nest Gen 3.  These smart Thermostats/Time Clocks will connect your heating system to the internet letting you change the temperature or switch your heating off on your smartphone.  These thermostats can learn about you, when you are at home and what temperature you like the house at.  The Nest also has the option to heat the water as well if you house is plumbed that way.  We have experience in fault finding any problems with your heating system and replacing them with another standard time clock.  Nest systems come with a heat link box that will be mounted where your original time clock was installed.