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Our electricians will carry out an initial inspection on all fittings and fixtures.   We will perform checks for, loose connections and signs of burning or dampness.  You should also unplug every thing in the house because if you just switch them off you could still be inducing a fault.  Electrical faults can sometimes be small and minor, but often they have the potential to be very dangerous.   Most types of electrical fault include fuse board problems, nuisance tripping, blown fuses, tripped RCDs.  Our electricians will strive to find out exactly what is causing the problem and what other problems may be happening. It’s best to tell our electricians as much information as possible if you ignore such issues they could pose a danger to your health and in some cases can be life-threatening.  We work in all of Dublin and our electricians are fully trained with a vast knowledge of fault finding RCD faults.