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About Electrician Dublin

We are a dedicated electrician Dublin Company that handles commercial, domestic and industrial markets. Our stand stands out from other Companies because of various reasons. First, we have been in this industry for a very long time. Over the years we have handled different kind of electric tasks. This is clear evidence that we have the necessary skills to handle various tasks irrespective of their intensity.

Secondly, we have a very strict recruitment protocol. We only hire experts based on merit. We carefully glance at their qualifications and ensure they are from recognized institutions before short listing them.

We understand this is a very risky industry and it poses various risks for both our electricians and premises owners. As a result, our Company has acquired various insurance policies to cover both our electricians and premises owners against risks if they occur.

That’s not all; Our Company has fulfilled all the requirements stated by the register of electrical Contractors and the Government.

You should contact us today because we purchase our electrical installation and repair equipment from licensed dealers. Secondly; we are very affordable compared to other Companies. You will save a lot of money when you Contact us. Lastly; we have been rated with a 5 star by most of our previous clients.


We are the commercial heating experts

Our Company handles installation, servicing and maintenance of all kind of boilers, whether warm water, gas or oil. We understand that boilers vary in terms of size and brand. We have a team of commercial heating experts that handles different types of repair or installation services. It all depends on their qualifications and specialization.

In short, we allocate all tasks to the most suited technicians to handle them. Our Company stands out from the rest as we constantly involve our clients throughout the entire project.

Electrical Work & Installations

Most people find it frustrating to look for qualified experts in Dublin who will meet their required standards as far as electrical work and installation is concerned. Look no further, we are what you have been looking for.

We carefully listen to our clients’ instructions and guidelines before handling any tasks. This helps our experts to carefully understand what is required of them. This process has been very effective as it gives us the platform to advise our clients on the best installation or repair techniques that will guarantee safety after the given task has been effectively handled.