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  • ATC Cub €220
  • ATC Ceetah €275
  • ATC Panther €540
  • ATC Premium Blade €760

We our one of Dublin’s top electricians for hand dryer installation for Pub, Cafes and Restaurants, with so many different electric hand dryers available we can help you make a choice based on you premises and budget.  We supply and install all commercial bathroom needs from washroom hand dryers to heaters and ventilation systems. Some of our most popular brands include ATC from their blade hand dryers with durable stainless steel construction or the eco and high-speed hand dryer variants.  We can install the hand dryer from new or replace your existing hand dryer.   We pride ourselves on giving effective information so your business can get the most from your hand dryers.  We also offer a full electrical and plumbing service. You can check out our website at