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  • ATC 750W Lifestyle €500
  • ATC 1000W Lifestyle €550
  • ATC 1500W Lifestyle €600
  • ATC 1800W Lifestyle €650
We supply and install many different types of electric heaters, generally these heaters replace storage heaters.  There are many types of electric radiators from stand alone to Wi-Fi where you have an app to control the heaters.  Electric heaters are just like central heating radiators except they don’t rely on a network of plumbing to deliver heat. They’re standalone units filled with thermal fluid and you might be surprised to learn that all electric heating systems are 100% efficient this is because all of the electricity is converted into heat. Our team of designers will look at, the size of the room and how well insulated the apartment is to maintain the heat your room. The larger the room the higher wattage and more heaters you will need.  The main brand we use is ATC. But we do supply Dimplex and Creda you can check out our other website at