Prices from €39 Replacement Only

There are many types of Spotlights/Downlights.   The most common ceiling spot light would be the halogen 12v MR16 or 240v GU10 downlight which we can replace for LED from only €39.  If you would like us to design and install new spotlights you should contact our office or go to our new website  We also offer a floodlight replacement service,  these are more energy efficient.  When we replace you old lights with new LED lamps you can expect savings of up 90%.  We recommend that you go for a higher light output in the kitchen and bathroom, with a lower output in the living room and hallway.   LED light bulbs use less energy and save more money compared to Halogen, Incandescent, and CFL bulbs.   The low wattage and environmentally friendly design, ensures years of money saving, when you upgrade to efficient LED bulbs today and benefit from a longer lifespan of 5+ years.  LED technology does not emit harmful UV light.

The types of lamps are listed below, standard lights E27 (Edison Screw), E14 (Small Edison Screw), B22 (Bayonet), B15 (Small Bayonet) ceiling lights GU10 (230v) MR16 (12V)